Prospects Youth Lacrosse

Complementing the NVYLL Club Experience

Updated Wednesday September 7, 2016 by Prospects Lacrosse.

Prospects Youth Lacrosse is a sub-division of Prospects Lacrosse with a specific focus on youth lacrosse development (Grades 4-8). We provide a season-based alternative for experienced lacrosse players who play sports other than lacrosse.  Our development model expects players to participate in other seasonal sports but are looking for an opportunity to test their lacrosse skills in a more focused and dedicated environment.  Most of our players are active participants in local clubs that participate in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) and we work to complement this experience; not replace the NVYLL club experience.  Our typical season for our athletes looks like this:


NVYLL Club Lacrosse + Prospects Youth Development Practice (1 day/week in May)


Prospects Youth Lacrosse (2 Practices per week, three tournaments, and summer box league)

Fall: Primary Fall Sport + OPTIONAL Prospect Fall Program (Box Games, 1 practed every other week, 1 tournament)
Winter: Primary Winter Sport + OPTIONAL Lacrosse Clinics

We believe in supporting athletes who want to build their skill sets with other sports. We have found these athletes have more passion for the sport and will tend to participate in "lacrosse for life".  Rather than get burned out by one sport these players desire to be involved with lacrosse continues into HS and beyond as a players, coaches, or officials. This is our mission of instilling "Prospects Pride


Image result for us lacrosse images                        Developing Athletes, Not Just Lacrosse Players

As acknowledged by our Governing organization, US Lacrosse (USL), the development of youth lacrosse players is different than High School players.  Prospects Youth Lacrosse has adopted development principals prescribed by USL in their Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM)