• Chumash Rules

    See Video Instruction on How to Play Chumash Here. GAME OVERVIEW Two teams of three players each play the game. Each team may have up to 2 additional players (5 total) as substitutes - you will want substitu... More
  • Prospects Spring & Summer 2018 Program

    We continue to tweak our program to provide a unique travel experience for our customers.  Prospects core customers are mult-sport travel players (many play travel soccer, travel hockey, and HS Football).  Mo... More
  • Winter Pickup Games

    Chumash is a lacrosse game played with two teams of 3 players each. Each team may (and should) have two substitutes. There is one goal in the center of the field. The purpose is for a team to score on its res... More
  • Small Group Training

    While Prospects prides ourselves on our ability to develop players, many players benefit significantly  small group (5 players) instructional training.  In a small group, a coach may focus on teaching individ... More
  • The FALL starts our Season-Based Program

        What do the experts say about Box Lacrosse: “If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of 12 play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time.  The number of touches o... More